Mind weavers Internships offers students the chance to undergo close supervision to develop their professional skills and make them ready to perform. Whether as part of curriculum mandated internships or self motivated, our internships are structured to provide a balance of theory and hands on experience. Choose Mind weavers to gain access to the inner workings of a successful career.

We offer different types of internships based on your interests:

  • Clinical and Counselling Internship: interact closely with clinical psychologists to learn about case taking, diagnosis, therapy structuring, and assisting at therapy. Learn about the intricacies of therapy as well as how to handle ethical dilemmas
  • Research Internship: master the skills required to become a successful researcher. In addition to contributing to ongoing research, you will get the opportunity to develop from scratch and execute firsthand your own research project
  • Training Internship: learn directly from experts how to structure and deliver successful training programmes and get opportunities to conduct training firsthand. As we say is training- learning by doing is the best kind of learning