Counselling and Therapy

What is counselling and therapy?

Counselling and psychotherapy are related terms that refer to a process in which trained experts help an individual or individuals work through problems they may be having in their personal, social or professional lives. The focus is on improving the life of a person who finds themselves unable to cope with their circumstances or emotions. While counselling is usually connected to a crisis and it’s management, therapy can be a deeper, more intensive process that aims to find out and work on the root of the problem. This also means that counselling happens in the context of a problem, while therapy focuses on creating a better understanding of yourself and working towards a fulfilled and productive life, even in the absence of a crisis.

How do I know I need counselling or therapy?

If you feel like you are having difficulties in any area of your life and are unable to cope with it on your own, or are confused, you could benefit from psychological support. These difficulties can include emotional problems (feeling scared , sad or anxious), disturbing thoughts (constant worry, sense of hopelessness, intrusive thoughts) or behavioural (anger outbursts, addiction, self harm). If you feel any of these problems are adversely affecting your life and your interactions with people, and are persisting over time, it may be best to seek help.

What can I expect from counselling or therapy?

A consultation with a therapist or counsellor will involve creating an understanding of exactly what you are going through which is formed by the therapist asking you questions regarding yourself or your situation. The therapists may also perform assessments in order to get an objective understanding. This is followed by setting mutually agreed goals for the process which will help you feel and live better. A therapist will not provide you with the solutions to your problem, but will help you overcome

We deal with :

Addiction & Substance Abuse

Couple and Marital Issues



Aggression & Violent behaviour


Interpersonal Issues

Sleep Issues

Obsession and Compulsions

Panic Attacks

Stress & Burnout

Attention problems

Self harm or suicide

Learning Difficulty

Conduct & behavioural issues

Our therapists are trained in :

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Dialectic Behaviour Therapy

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Transpersonal Therapy

Eclectic Therapy

Mindfulness based therapy

Behaviour Therapy